Splinter Meeting Magnetic

Cosmic Magnetic Fields

Convenor(s): Thomas Wiegelmann [1], Marcus Brüggen [2], Jörg Büchner [3], Oliver Gressel [4], Maarit Käpylä [5,1]
[1] MPS Göttingen, [2] U Hamburg, [3] TU Berlin, [4] AIP Potsdam, [5] Aalto Universitet

The goal of this Splinter-meeting is to review the current studies of the generation and the consequences of cosmic magnetic fields.
We aim at bringing together experts in observation, theory and modelling of cosmic magnetic fields at various scales and invite the submission of abstracts for talks.
Cosmological magnetic fields observations and theory (MB)
Accretion disks and galactic dynamos: observations and theory (OG)
Dynamo of the Sun and stars (MK)
Stellar and solar magnetic field observations and extrapolations (TW)
Magnetic reconnection, turbulence and acceleration of energetic particles (JB)

Related contributions *)

Marcelo Rubio, Federico StasyszynRemarks on the magneric dynamo equation and the cosmic magnetic field

*) submitted abstracts, acceptance pending.