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Constraining the primordial magnetic field with dwarf galaxy simulations

Mahsa Sanati 1 , Yves Revaz 1 , Jennifer Schober 1 , Kerstin E. Kunze 2 , Pascale Jablonka 1, 3
1École Polytechnique Fédéale de Lausanne (EPFL), 2Universidad de Salamanca, 3Observatoire de Paris

Using a set of cosmological hydro-dynamical simulations, we demonstrate the subtle influence of primordial magnetic fields on the structure formation and in particular on the faintest galaxies, through the modification of the matter power spectrum at recombination. We study the effect of primordial magnetic field strength (B= 0.05 - 0.50 nG) and spectral index (n = -2.9 to -2.1) on observed features of the Local Group dwarf galaxies, including their kinematics, metallicity distribution, and element abundances.This study allows for the first time to constraint the properties of primordial magnetic fields through their impact on dwarf galaxies.