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Healthy Careers in Astronomy

Anne SchreiterSelf-reflection as a career tool: Getting to know your values, strengths, and skillsInvited Talk
Daniel LenzCome to the dark side, we have cookiesInvited Talk
Dorottya SzécsiSolutions of the two-body problem as an AstronomerInvited Talk
Elliot Brown & Manuela SchuetzeIt’s OK to not be OK - confronting the mental health crisis in academiaInvited Talk
Gesa H.-M. BertrangMental health? All good here! Or: Self-reflection on an institute-basisInvited Talk
K. PoppenhaegerApproaching the chase for academic success with healthy boundariesInvited Talk
Manami SasakiWalk HealthyInvited Talk
Valeria PettorinoThe Impostor SyndromeInvited Talk

Computational Astrophysics

Alexandros ZiamprasRadiative effects in gap opening by planets in protoplanetary disksPoster
Andre KlepitkoTreeRay-RP: a novel method for radiation pressure from reprocessed radiation Contributed Talk
Anton KriegerMonte Carlo radiative transfer in optically thick regionsPoster
Asmita BhandareZooming in on star and disk formationContributed Talk
Benjamin KellerEmpirically Motivated Feedback in Galaxy FormationContributed Talk
Christine KoepferlThe FluxCompensator: Closing the loop between computational and observational astrophysics
Daniel CarreraProtoplanetary Disk Rings as Sites for Planetesimal FormationContributed Talk
Diego Sotillo RamosThe diverse evolutionary pathways of Milky Way-like galaxies with TNG50Contributed Talk
Enrico GaraldiDynamic Zoom Simulations: a fast, adaptive algorithm for simulating lightconesContributed Talk
Forrest GlinesPerformance Portability in Practice: Challenges and Successes with K-Athena (MHD) & Parthenon (AMR)Contributed Talk
Francesco BiscaniN-Body simulations of the final contraction phase during gravoturbulent formation of planetesimals
G. André OlivaEffects of resolution on disk fragmentation in the context of massive star formationContributed Talk
Hubert Klahr3D Simulations of Diffusion Limited Planetesimal Formations
J. D. Melon FuksmanA two-moment radiation hydrodynamics scheme applicable to simulations of circumstellar disks
Jindra GensiorThe Elephant in the Bathtub: When the physics of star formation drive the baryon cycle of galaxiesContributed Talk
Johann HiglLow Mach Number Simulations and Their Need for Well-BalancingContributed Talk
Joseph O'LearyConstraining the merging timescales of close galaxy pairs through empirical modellingContributed Talk
Klaus DolagOpenGadget3 on GPUSContributed Talk
Luigi IapichinoHPC performance optimisation as tool for computational astrophysics: experiences and lessons learntContributed Talk
Mahsa SanatiConstraining the primordial magnetic field with dwarf galaxy simulations
Manuel BehrendtFast and efficient data analysis of extensive hydro simulations with the Julia languagePoster
Marie-Luise SteinmeyerHydrodynamic Simulations of theGravitational Collapse of a Pebble Cloud
Marta Reina-CamposFormation and evolution of stellar clusters in a cosmological contextContributed Talk
Maxim EingornDuel of cosmological screening lengths
Md Rasel HossenInfluence of local environment on weak lensing statisticsContributed Talk
Miikka VäisäläExploring small- and large-scale dynamo growth with graphics processing unitsContributed Talk
Milena ValentiniThe art of sub-resolution modellingContributed Talk
Mohammadreza AyromlouComparing galaxy formation in the L-GALAXIES semi-analytical model and the IllustrisTNG simulations
Moritz BeutelA hybrid code for coagulation and viscous stirring in protoplanetary disksContributed Talk
Moritz FischerN-Body Simulations of Frequent Self-Interacting Dark MatterPoster
Moritz LietzowExoplanetary atmospheres: Three-dimensional continuum radiative transfer of polarized radiationContributed Talk
Natascha MangerHigh Resolution Parameter Study of the Vertical Shear InstabilityContributed Talk
PellegriniSDSS-V : The Local Volume Mapper A panchromatic 1-steradian IFU survey of sub-parsec Starformation
R. AndrassyComparison of stellar hydrodynamic codesPoster
Ralf KissmannNumerical Simulations of Gamma-Ray Emitting Binary Systems
Robert John James GrandPushing to cosmological zoom simulations to new limits: exquisitely resolved galactic dynamics Contributed Talk
Sambaran BanerjeeStellar-mass black holes in young and open clusters and their role in gravitational-wave generationContributed Talk
Shashwata GangulySILCC-zoom: gravo-turbulence or global hierarchical collapse?Contributed Talk
Stefanie WalchThe dispersal of molecular clouds by stellar feedbackContributed Talk
Thomas PfeilThe "Sandwich Mode" of the Vertical Shear Instability in Simulations of Protoplanetary Disks
Thomas RometschType II TDs formed by two planetsPoster
Ulrich SteinwandelOn the importance of the hydrodynamic method in galaxy simulations with resolved feedbackContributed Talk
Utkarsh GirikSZ velocity reconstruction and N-body Simulation

EScience & Virtual Observatory

Exploring the diversity of extrasolar planets

A. ChaushevNew Discoveries from the Next Generation Transit Survey Contributed Talk
Anna PenzlinParking planets in circumbinary discsContributed Talk
CabreraCHEOPS early resultsContributed Talk
Eike Wolf GunetherFlares and CMEs on cool starsContributed Talk
Engin KelesProbing the atmosphere of HD189733b with the alkali linesContributed Talk
Florian LiebingA novel, robust approach to determine the strength of convective blueshift
Gabriel-Dominique MarleauHydrogen-line emission from accreting planets: fluxes, line shapes, and a new correlationContributed Talk
Hubert KlahrDiversity of extrasolar planetesimalsContributed Talk
Hubert KlahrDiversity of extrasolar planetesimals
J. D. Melon FuksmanRadiative modelling of young accreting planetsContributed Talk
Jiri ZakHigh-resolution Transmission Spectroscopy of Four Hot Inflated Gas Giant ExoplanetsContributed Talk
Judith Korth Kepler-289: Combining the forces Contributed Talk
K. PoppenhaegerConnecting helium ionisation in exoplanet atmospheres with stellar X-ray fluxContributed Talk
Konstantin HerbstINCREASE - A model suite to study the INflucence of Cosmic Rays on Exoplanetary AtmoSpherEsContributed Talk
Kristine LamGJ 367 b: an Ultra Short Period Super-Mars found by TESSContributed Talk
Laura KetzerEstimating the atmospheric mass loss of V1298 Tau's four young planetsContributed Talk
Laura KreidbergBig Steps Toward Small Worlds: Atmosphere Characterization of Sub-Neptunes and Super-Earths Invited Talk
Mackebrandt, FelixThe EXOTIME project: Using the stellar pulsation timing method to detect sub-stellar companionsContributed Talk
Mahmoudreza OshaghThe widest broadband transmission spectra of HD189733b obtained from ground-based observationContributed Talk
Markus HundertmarkMicrolensing exoplanets in the age of modern large-scale surveysContributed Talk
Martin Schleckera compositional link between
 warm super-Earths and cold JupitersContributed Talk
Miriam RengelKey physico-chemical mechanisms in (exo)planetary atmospheres and their impacts on the observablesContributed Talk
Óscar Carrión-GonzálezDirect-imaging of cold exoplanets: The importance of knowing the planet radiusContributed Talk
Paola PinillaMdust-Mstar & Rdust-Mstar Relations in Protoplanetary Disks: Models vs. Observations Contributed Talk
Philipp BaumeisterShaping atmospheres of terrestrial exoplanets with interior-atmosphere feedback processesContributed Talk
Remo BurnThe New Generation Planetary Population Synthesis (NGPPS)Invited Talk
René HellerChallenges of validating Earth-like transiting planets around Sun-like starsContributed Talk
Sandra JeffersRedDots: detecting terrestrial planets within 5pcContributed Talk
Sareh AtaieeCan planets be pushed into a disc inner cavity by a resonant chain?Contributed Talk
Sascha GrziwaEXOTRANS for the advanced detection and evaluation of transiting planetsContributed Talk
Tobias MoldenhauerThe Recycling of Planetary Proto-AtmospheresContributed Talk
Xanthippi AlexoudiRole of the impact parameter in exoplanet transmission spectroscopyContributed Talk

Applied and Computational Historical Astronomy

Andreas SchrimpfThe star catalog of Wilhelm IV, Landgraf of Hesse-KasselContributed Talk
Björn KunzmannMira, Eta Carinae and Algol – Variable Stars as Milestones in the History of Astronomy and Astrophys
Fabian GöttgensDiscovery of an emission nebula in the Galactic globular cluster M22Contributed Talk
Georg ZottiA simple toolkit for virtual globes
Georg ZottiExploring skies remote in time and culture with Stellarium Contributed Talk
Gerd GraßhoffKepler's Astronomia Nova - a challenge for computational history of scienceContributed Talk
Markus-Schnabel, Karsten(Semi-)Manual Data-Mining and -ProcessingContributed Talk
Philipp ProttePre-telescopic star catalogues - Accuracy in magnitudes and positionsContributed Talk
Susanne M Hoffmann Applied Historical Astronomy Contributed Talk
Tim KarbergAstronomical orientation of Apedemak temples, mortuary chapels, and tumuli of the Meroitic periodContributed Talk
Victor ReijsHow visible are celestial objects?Contributed Talk

Confronting simulations of the interstellar medium with observations and measurements

Anika BeerA Systematic Study of Velocity Differences between [OIII] and Hα in CALIFA Galaxies
Brandt GachesInvestigating the Accuracy of Cosmic Ray Ionization Rate CalibrationsContributed Talk
Christine KoepferlInsights from Synthetic Star forming regions: Testing measuring techniques of SF propertiesContributed Talk
Cristian GuevaraThe SOFIA legacy program FEEDBACKContributed Talk
D. BreitschwerdtTerrestrial 60Fe deposition and the implication for Near-Earth SupernovaeContributed Talk
Daniel SeifriedSynthetic dust polarisation observations of molecular clouds: What can we learn?Contributed Talk
Ekaterina I. MakarenkoEmission from cooling supernova shocks in MHD simulationsContributed Talk
Elena HoemannMerging filaments: A race against the collapseContributed Talk
Eric PellegriniWARPFIELD-EMP: The Self-Consistent Prediction of Emission Lines from Evolving HII Regions in Dense MContributed Talk
Fabio P. SantosPolarization mapping of B335 and L483: magnetic fields and dust evolution from cloud to core scalesContributed Talk
Frederik BerberichNumerical studies on the magnetic field structure in the vicinity of superbubbles and the impact of
Hamid HassaniRole of Thermal and Non-thermal Processes in the ISM of Magellanic CloudsContributed Talk
Huirong YanCompressible turbulence: simulations and observational detectionContributed Talk
J.-M. TeissierInverse transfer of magnetic helicity in supersonic isothermal MHD turbulenceContributed Talk
Jane PrattDiffusion and dispersion in anisotropic magnetohydrodynamic turbulenceContributed Talk
Marco PanessaInvestigating HCO+ and OH in 3D-MHD simulations of molecular cloud evolutionContributed Talk
Maurice KünickeCalculating stellar trajectories: A comparison between epicycles and numerical integrator in GalpyContributed Talk
Michael SchulreichRayleigh-Taylor-unstable astrophysical fluid flowsContributed Talk
Milena ValentiniHow stellar and AGN feedback shape the physical properties of a multiphase ISM across cosmic timeContributed Talk
Mohammd Reza NasirzadehA detailed study of the radio-FIR correlation in IC342
N. Schneider N-PDFs of molecular clouds in observations and simulationsContributed Talk
P.KnospeThe blunt body problem in the context of stellar bow shocksContributed Talk
Ralf-Jürgen DettmarObservational Constraints on the CRE Transport in Galactic HalosContributed Talk
Seamus ClarkeDealing with large data sets: an application of automated techniques to study real and synthetic obsContributed Talk
Shyam Harimohan MenonCompressive nature of turbulence driven by ionising radiationContributed Talk
Slawa KabanovicSOFIA FEEDBACK [CII] observations of RCW 120: a new paradigm of HII region bubble formationContributed Talk
Stefano EbagezioTracing phases: Synthetic observations of CO, C, and C+ in molecular cloudsContributed Talk
Thomas BisbasPDR diagnostics across galactic environmentsContributed Talk
Thomas GarmatterIRAS 07077+1536: A dusty C-star with a peculiar SEDContributed Talk
Ulrich SteinwandelResolving the multiphase ISM in galaxy-scale simulationsContributed Talk
V. Ossenkopf-OkadaInterpreting line emission in unresolved observationsContributed Talk
Victoria HerpelAnalysis of nearby young stellar associations using Gaia DR2 for detecting past supernovaeContributed Talk
Wladimir E. Banda-BarragánDense cloud survival in radiative multi-phase outflowsContributed Talk

E-Science & Machine Learning Methods in Astronomy

Abhishek MalikExoplanet Detection using Machine LearningContributed Talk
Andrea DierckeAutomatic Extraction of Polar Crown Filaments Using Machine LearningContributed Talk
Antonio D'IsantoMEGAVIS - Real-time spectra analysis and visualization with autoencodersContributed Talk
Benjamin MosterGalaxyNet: Connecting galaxies and DM haloes with neural networks and reinforcement learningContributed Talk
Caroline HenekaDeep learning for the deblending of high-redshift galaxiesContributed Talk
Christine KoepferlUsing realistic synthetic observations to improve observational techniquesContributed Talk
Da Eun Kang Emission-line diagnostics of HII regions using conditional Invertible Neural NetworkContributed Talk
Erica HopkinsFinding a Needle in a Haystack: the search for gravitational lensesContributed Talk
Fenja KollaschUltraPink - A web based frontend for rotation and flipping invariant Kohonen MapsContributed Talk
Florian ListDisentangling the γ-ray Sky with Bayesian Graph Convolutional Neural NetworksContributed Talk
G. GuiglionThe RAdial Velocity Experiment: Parametrisation of RAVE spectra based on Convolutional Neural NetworContributed Talk
Joris VosNeural Network assisted population synthesis studiesContributed Talk
Leander ThieleTeaching neural networks to generate Fast Sunyaev Zel'dovich MapsContributed Talk
Lorenzo ZanisiA deep learning approach to test the small-scale properties of galaxies in cosmological hydrodynamicContributed Talk
Mark Allen(ESCAPE) Invited Talk
Matthias SteinmetzPUNCH4NFDIInvited Talk
Tobias BuckPredicting resolved galaxy properties from photometric images using convolutional neural networksContributed Talk

Cosmic Magnetic Fields

Alvina OnDiagnosing large-scale magnetic fields using rotation measure fluctuationsContributed Talk
Axel BrandenburgDynamos of the Sun and starsInvited Talk
Denis WittorUnveiling large-scale magnetic fields using radio observations (insights from simulations)Contributed Talk
Dominik BomansCompact Starburst Dwarf Galaxies at 150 MHz: Strong Magnetic fields in Proxies for Proto-GalaxiesContributed Talk
Enrico GaraldiSeeding of magnetic fields around the first galaxies: numerical investigation and comparison with trContributed Talk
Franco VazzaInvestigating the seeds of cosmic magnetic fields with radio observationsContributed Talk
Heshou ZhangMeasurement of 3D magnetic field with atomic alignmentContributed Talk
Jan BenáčekGrowth-rates of electrostatic waves in double plasma resonance model of solar radio zebrasContributed Talk
Jennifer SchoberNew insights on the origin and evolution of cosmic magnetic fieldsContributed Talk
Jörn WarneckeSmall-scale dynamo action at small magnetic Prandtl numbers in the SunContributed Talk
Julián D. Alvarado-GómezFar Beyond the Sun: The First Stellar Magnetic Butterfly DiagramContributed Talk
Klaus DolagTurbulence and Magnetic Fields in Cosmological SimulationsContributed Talk
M. CoffaroThe case of Epsilon Eridani: reproducing its X-ray activity cycle with solar magnetic structuresContributed Talk
Marcelo RubioRemarks on the magneric dynamo equation and the cosmic magnetic fieldContributed Talk
Mohamad ShalabyMagnetic fields in the intergalactic mediumContributed Talk
Neeraj JainFree energy sources in current sheets formed in collisionless plasma turbulenceInvited Talk
Oliver GresselOn the spatial and temporal non-locality of dynamo mean-field effects in supersonic ISM turbulence
Paola Dominguez FernandezThe role of turbulence in radio relicsContributed Talk
Philipp GreteAs a matter of tension -- kinetic energy spectra in MHD turbulenceContributed Talk
Sandra JeffersMagnetic cycles of starsInvited Talk
Sharanya SurProperties of polarized synchrotron emission from fluctuation dynamo action in galaxy clustersContributed Talk
Simon SelgStudying Magnetic Field Amplification in Interacting Galaxies Using Numerical SimulationsContributed Talk
Stefanie RaetzRelation between stellar rotation and magnetic activity of M dwarfs with K2 long- and short-cadence Contributed Talk
Tanayveer BhatiaEffects of inclusion of small-scale dynamo in near-surface structure of F-starsContributed Talk
Thomas NeukirchModelling Magnetic Fields in the Solar Corona Using Magnetohydrostatic EquilibriaInvited Talk
Volker HeesenThe cosmic ray-driven wind in the starburst galaxy NGC 5775Contributed Talk
Xin YaoRadioastronomical diagnostics of magnetic reconnection via electron velocity distribution functionContributed Talk
Yelena SteinMagnetic fields in edge-on CHANG-ES galaxiesContributed Talk

Public Outreach in Astronomy

Andreas HänelEindämmung der Lichtverschmutzung in DeutschlandContributed Talk
M. Pössel und C. LiefkeDer neue Office of Astronomy for Education der IAUContributed Talk
Stefan J. KautschMass Functions Made Easy With LEGOContributed Talk
Tania JohnstonDie ESO Supernova auch durch COVID-19 hindurch erstrahlen lassenContributed Talk
V. GrinbergAstronomers for Planet EarthContributed Talk

Relativistische Astrophysik

Axel Arbet-EngelsThe FACT TeV monitoring program Contributed Talk
David KeitelSearching for Continuous and Long-Duration Gravitational Waves from Neutron StarsContributed Talk
Felix WidmannThe Galactic Center black hole with GRAVITYContributed Talk
Gregory DesvignesRadio emission from a pulsar’s magnetic pole revealed by general relativityContributed Talk
H. StieleNICER and Swift monitoring of a new black hole X-ray binaryContributed Talk
Huanchen HuConstraining the dense matter EOS and testing higher-order GR effects with the Double PulsarContributed Talk
Jenny WagnerThe same, only different -- A comparison between plasma and gravitational lensingContributed Talk
Lab SahaStar-forming regions as potential contributors to Galactic cosmic rays: the case of NGC 3603Contributed Talk
Lauren RhodesRadio Afterglows of Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Bursts 190829A and 180720BContributed Talk
Pablo PeñilSystematic search for gamma-ray periodicity in active galactic nuclei detected by the Fermi-Large ArContributed Talk
Sebastiano von FellenbergThe Flux Distribution of Sgr A*Contributed Talk

Accreting supermassive black holes through cosmic time

Anna-Christina EilersThe Formation and Growth of Supermassive Black Holes at Early Cosmic EpochsContributed Talk
ComparatThe final SDSS-IV/SPIDERS X-ray point source spectroscopic catalogueContributed Talk
Daisuke ToyouchiSuper-Eddington dusty gas accretion onto intermediate-mass seed black holesContributed Talk
Daryl Joe SantosEnvironmental Effects on AGN Activities via Extinction-free Mid-Infrared CensusContributed Talk
Dominika WylezalekResolving the impact of black hole feedback in distant quasars with JWSTInvited Talk
Francesco SantoroAGN-driven outflows and the AGN feedback efficiency in young radio galaxiesContributed Talk
Gabriela Calistro RiveraThe nature of red and blue quasars - a synergy of low-frequency radio and panchromatic surveys
Haowen ZhangTrinity: Statistical Dark Matter Halo--Galaxy--Supermassive Black Hole ConnectionContributed Talk
Jinyi ShangguanResolving AGN broad line regions with the near-infrared VLTI/GRAVITY interferometerContributed Talk
Joao CalhauThe co-evolution of star-forming galaxies and their supermassive black holes across cosmic timeContributed Talk
Klaus DolagBlack Holes and AGNs in the Magneticum simulationsInvited Talk
Kohei InayoshiUniversal transition diagram from dormant to actively accreting supermassive black holesContributed Talk
Luca SalaNon-isotropic feedback from accreting spinning black holesContributed Talk
Mara SalvatoeRosita's revolutionary view on AGNInvited Talk
Milena ValentiniImpact of AGN feedback on galaxies and their multiphase ISM across cosmic timeContributed Talk
Persis MisquittaInteraction among intermediate redshift galaxiesContributed Talk
Rebecca L. DaviesProbing AGN Feedback on Nuclear, Galactic and Circumgalactic ScalesContributed Talk
Roman IotovSystematic Periodicity Analysis of Mrk 501 and Mrk 421 Contributed Talk
Sebastian F. HoenigThe complex multi-phase multi-component picture of accretion and outflows in AGNInvited Talk
Shingo HiranoMagnetic effect on the direct collapse gas cloudContributed Talk
Taro ShimizuThe resolved size and structure of hot dust around AGN with VLTI/GravityContributed Talk
Victor MarianThe role of major mergers in triggering AGNs with the highest Eddington ratiosContributed Talk

From bright points to coronal mass ejections: the Sun on its various scales

Akiko TeiIRIS Mg II Observations and Non-LTE Modeling of Off-limb SpiculesContributed Talk
Andrea DierckeFiligree in the Surroundings of Polar Crown and High-latitude FilamentsContributed Talk
Andreas LaggSUNRISE III: High-resolution exploration of the solar atmospheric stratificationContributed Talk
Bernhard KliemParametric Study of Torus Instability ThresholdContributed Talk
Carlos Quintero NodaRecent developments regarding the European Solar Telescope design and science capabilitiesContributed Talk
Christoph KuckeinDynamics and magnetic fields in the chromospheric He I 10830 Å during a solar filament eruptionContributed Talk
Cosima BreuA coronal loop in a box: energy generation, heating and dynamicsContributed Talk
Dušan VukadinovićInference of log(gf) values for atomic lines in UV spectral rangeContributed Talk
Evangelia SamaraImproving solar wind modeling with EUHFORIAContributed Talk
F. ZuccarelloAnalysis of the X1.6 flare in AR 12192Contributed Talk
García-Rivas, M.Vertical magnetic fields on the boundary of evolving poresContributed Talk
Ioannis DakanalisAutomatic detection of chromospheric swirls based on a morphological approachContributed Talk
Ivan MilicWeak field approximation magnetic field diagnostic using Mg I b lineContributed Talk
J. Jaume BestardThe polarization of the Hα line in the quiet solar chromosphereContributed Talk
Jack ReidMHD avalanches: coronal heating in braided fieldsContributed Talk
Jonathan RobertsVariation of Small-Scale Solar Magnetic Fields with HinodeContributed Talk
K. MuglachPhotospheric flows as possible drivers of solar eruptive eventsContributed Talk
Kostas TziotziouOscillations and waves in a persistent quiet-Sun small-scale tornadoContributed Talk
Mariarita MurabitoThe magnetic nature of chromospheric vorticesContributed Talk
Markus RothNew Insights on the Solar Interior RotationContributed Talk
Matthias WaideleInvestigation of surface effects of flux tubes in an artificially stabilized atmosphereContributed Talk
Nitin YadavVortex Flows in the Chromosphere of a Solar PlageContributed Talk
R. KamlahWavelength Dependence of Image Quality Metrics and Seeing ParametersContributed Talk
Rositsa MitevaThe extreme limit of space weather events – observations and interrelationsContributed Talk
S. GunárQuiet-sun hydrogen Lyman-alpha line profile derived from SOHO/SUMER solar-disk observationsContributed Talk
Sargam MulayEvidence of chromospheric molecular hydrogen emission in an IRIS flareContributed Talk
Sergio Javier González ManriqueOn the relationship between bisector velocities and solar optical depths using the Si I 10827 Å lineContributed Talk
Sowmya KrishnamurthyModeling the Ca II H & K emission variations - effect of inclination on the S-indexContributed Talk
Tobias FelipeChromospheric resonant cavities in umbrae: unequivocal detection and seismic applications Contributed Talk
Vincent BöningCharacterizing the spatial pattern of solar supergranulation using the bispectrumContributed Talk
Ze ZhongA data-driven magnetohydrodynamic simulation of a successful solar eruptionContributed Talk

Stellar Interactions

Aldana GrichenerHigh-Energy Neutrino Emission From Common Envelope Jets Supernova (CEJSN) impostorsContributed Talk
Alexey BobrickWhite Dwarf Neutron Star Binaries and the Transients they ProduceContributed Talk
Amir Michaelis3d simulations of the later phase of a merger-burst ILOTContributed Talk
Andreas SanderOn the nature of WR-type mass loss in different environmentsContributed Talk
Banafsheh ShahzamanianLarge-scale proper motion study of the Galactic CentreContributed Talk
Christian SandCommon-envelope evolution of an AGB starContributed Talk
Ekaterina IlinFrom ZAMS to solar age: Calibrating the flaring-age-mass relation in open clustersContributed Talk
Eva LaplaceHow being single or stripped in a binary affects the death of massive starsContributed Talk
Fabian SchneiderStellar mergers as the origin of magnetic massive starsContributed Talk
Fiona ProdöhlStudying the atmosphere of the close binary star system AADor with PHOENIX/3DContributed Talk
Friedrich RöpkeFormation of sdB stars in common envelope interaction with substellar companionsContributed Talk
Grace FosterThe corona of GJ 1151 in the context of star-planet interactionContributed Talk
Harry DawsonThe First Volume-Limited Complete Catalogue of Hot Subdwarf StarsContributed Talk
Henri BoffinPost-common-envelope binary central star in planetary nebulaeContributed Talk
Ingrid PelisoliObservational evidence that binary interaction is always required to form hot subdwarf starsContributed Talk
J. D. Alvarado-GómezEruptive events in active stars: Lessons from numerical simulationsContributed Talk
Jane PrattConvective overshooting in hydrodynamic simulations of the F-type eclipsing binary BW AquariiContributed Talk
Jaroslav MercCharacterizing the symbiotic population using the Gaia dataContributed Talk
Javier AlcoleaThe new orbital paramaters of the R Aqr symbiotic systemContributed Talk
Joris VosThe impact of Galactic evolution on binary interactions, as shown in hot subdwarf binaries.Contributed Talk
Koushik SenCase A mass transfer: A comprehensive study of their observable stellar propertiesContributed Talk
Lieke van SonCan Massive stars produce BHs with masses in the Pair-Instability Mass Gap?Contributed Talk
Mathieu RenzoKinematic and cosmetic consequences of (massive) binary interactionsContributed Talk
N. CastroMYMST: Mapping the Youngest and most Massive Stars in the Tarantula nebulaContributed Talk
Nicole ReindlAn in-depth reanalysis of the alleged type Ia supernova progenitor Henize 2-428Contributed Talk
Nikoleta IlicMeasuring the tidal interaction footprint on stellar magnetic activity in star-planet systemsContributed Talk
Olga LebigaInvestigating the effect of a circumbinary disk on Main Sequence star abundance patternsContributed Talk
Richard CulpanA Catalogue of Blue Horizontal Branch Stars from Gaia DR2Contributed Talk
Thomas KupferTreasures from the Zwicky Transient Facility Galactic Plane observationsContributed Talk
Varsha RamachandranMassive star feedback in the Magellanic Clouds and the Bridge Contributed Talk
Veronika SchaffenrothA quantitative in-depth analysis of the prototype sdB+BD system SDSS J08205+0008 Contributed Talk