Invited Talk - Splinter SMBHs

Wednesday, 23 September 2020, 09:50   (virtual room K)

Black Holes and AGNs in the Magneticum simulations

Klaus Dolag

The Magneticum simulations are a large set of cosmological, hydrodynamical simulations covering up to Gpc$^3$ volumes. It follows the formation of cosmological structures in so far unaccomplished detail and allows to study halos across a wide range of mass and environments, from massive galaxy cluster down to normal galaxies. It includes a detailed treatment of the chemo-energetic feedback from the stellar component and its evolution as well as feedback from the evolution of super massive black holes. I will discuss the role of the feedback of super massive black holes onto the appearance galaxies and galaxy clusters and the predictions of the evolution and the physical processes driving the appearance of AGNs in the simulations.