Splinter Meetings

Splinter meetings will be held in parallel and may last for up to three sessions during the conference.

Below you can find the list of the splinter meetings accepted by the SOC, including links to their websites.

Please note: Abstract submission for all splinters is done centrally through the Abstract Submission on this website. Please do not send your abstracts directly to the convenors of the splinter meetings!

CareersHealthy Careers in AstronomyX virtual room A
ComputationComputational AstrophysicsXX virtual room B
EScienceEScience & Virtual Observatory
ExoplanetsExploring the diversity of extrasolar planetsXX virtual room D
HistoricalApplied and Computational Historical AstronomyX virtual room E
ISMConfronting simulations of the interstellar medium with observations and measurementsXX virtual room F
LearningE-Science & Machine Learning Methods in AstronomyXX virtual room G
MagneticCosmic Magnetic FieldsX virtual room H
OutreachPublic Outreach in AstronomyX virtual room N
RelativisticRelativistische Astrophysik X virtual room J
SMBHsAccreting supermassive black holes through cosmic timeX virtual room K
SolarFrom bright points to coronal mass ejections: the Sun on its various scales X virtual room L
StellarStellar InteractionsXX virtual room M