Splinter Meeting Magnetic

Cosmic Magnetic Fields

Time: Thursday September 24, 09:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Room: virtual room H

Convenor(s): Thomas Wiegelmann [1], Marcus Brüggen [2], Jörg Büchner [3], Oliver Gressel [4], Maarit Käpylä [5,1]
[1] MPS Göttingen, [2] U Hamburg, [3] TU Berlin, [4] AIP Potsdam, [5] Aalto Universitet

The goal of this Splinter-meeting is to review the current studies of the generation and the consequences of cosmic magnetic fields.
We aim at bringing together experts in observation, theory and modelling of cosmic magnetic fields at various scales and invite the submission of abstracts for talks.
Cosmological magnetic fields observations and theory (MB)
Accretion disks and galactic dynamos: observations and theory (OG)
Dynamo of the Sun and stars (MK)
Stellar and solar magnetic field observations and extrapolations (TW)
Magnetic reconnection, turbulence and acceleration of energetic particles (JB)


Thursday September 24, 09:00-13:00 Cosmic Magnetic Fields - Session I (virtual room H)

Cosmological magnetic fields: observations and theory

09:00  Franco Vazza:
Investigating the seeds of cosmic magnetic fields with radio observations

09:25  Alvina On:
Diagnosing large-scale magnetic fields using rotation measure fluctuations

09:37  Denis Wittor:
Unveiling large-scale magnetic fields using radio observations (insights from simulations)

09:49  Dominik Bomans:
Compact Starburst Dwarf Galaxies at 150 MHz: Strong Magnetic fields in Proxies for Proto-Galaxies

10:01  Enrico Garaldi:
Seeding of magnetic fields around the first galaxies: numerical investigation and comparison with tr

10:13  Heshou Zhang:
Measurement of 3D magnetic field with atomic alignment

10:25  Jennifer Schober:
New insights on the origin and evolution of cosmic magnetic fields

10:37  Klaus Dolag:
Turbulence and Magnetic Fields in Cosmological Simulations

10:49  Paola Dominguez Fernandez:
The role of turbulence in radio relics

11:00  Break

Accretion disks and galactic dynamos: observations and theory

11:25  Volker Heesen:
The cosmic ray-driven wind in the starburst galaxy NGC 5775

11:50  Marcelo Rubio:
Remarks on the magneric dynamo equation and the cosmic magnetic field

12:02  Mohamad Shalaby:
Magnetic fields in the intergalactic medium

12:14  Sharanya Sur:
Properties of polarized synchrotron emission from fluctuation dynamo action in galaxy clusters

12:26  Simon Selg:
Studying Magnetic Field Amplification in Interacting Galaxies Using Numerical Simulations

12:50  Yelena Stein:
Magnetic fields in edge-on CHANG-ES galaxies

Thursday September 24, 14:00-18:00 Cosmic Magnetic Fields - Session II (virtual room H)

Magnetic reconnection, turbulence and acceleration of energetic particles

14:00  Neeraj Jain:
Free energy sources in current sheets formed in collisionless plasma turbulence

14:25  Xin Yao:
Radioastronomical diagnostics of magnetic reconnection via electron velocity distribution function

14:37  Jan Benáček:
Growth-rates of electrostatic waves in double plasma resonance model of solar radio zebras

14:49  Philipp Grete:
As a matter of tension -- kinetic energy spectra in MHD turbulence

Dynamo of the Sun and stars I

15:05  Sandra Jeffers:
Magnetic cycles of stars

15:30  Stefanie Raetz:
Relation between stellar rotation and magnetic activity of M dwarfs with K2 long- and short-cadence

15:45  Break

Dynamo of the Sun and stars II

16:15  Axel Brandenburg:
Dynamos of the Sun and stars

16:40  Jörn Warnecke:
Small-scale dynamo action at small magnetic Prandtl numbers in the Sun

16:52  Tanayveer Bhatia:
Effects of inclusion of small-scale dynamo in near-surface structure of F-stars

Stellar and solar magnetic field observations and extrapolations

17:10  Thomas Neukirch:
Modelling Magnetic Fields in the Solar Corona Using Magnetohydrostatic Equilibria

17:35  Julián D. Alvarado-Gómez:
Far Beyond the Sun: The First Stellar Magnetic Butterfly Diagram

17:47  M. Coffaro:
The case of Epsilon Eridani: reproducing its X-ray activity cycle with solar magnetic structures

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Oliver GresselOn the spatial and temporal non-locality of dynamo mean-field effects in supersonic ISM turbulence