Contributed Talk - Splinter Magnetic

Thursday, 24 September 2020, 12:50   (virtual room H)

Magnetic fields in edge-on CHANG-ES galaxies

Yelena Stein, Ralf-J├╝rgen Dettmar, Rainer Beck, Judith Irwin and the CHANG-ES team
Observatoire de Strasbourg, RUB, MPIfR, Queens U.

The Continuum HAloes in Nearby Galaxies - an EVLA Survey (CHANG-ES) includes 35 edge-on spiral galaxies observed with the VLA at two frequency ranges, C-band and L-band including polarization. This survey gives profound insights of external magnetic fields. Applying rotation measure synthesis (RM synthesis), disk and halo magnetic fields are analyzed. Especially, the galaxies with large-scale X-shaped magnetic fields will be discussed. With a few CHANG-ES galaxies showing large-scale magnetic field reversals in the halo and one case of a large-scale field reversal in the disk, these results could be of major importance for Milky Way models. Furthermore, we find a correlation of intensities and extents of the polarized intensity with the star formation rate.