Contributed Talk - Splinter Magnetic

Thursday, 24 September 2020, 10:13   (virtual room H)

Measurement of 3D magnetic field with atomic alignment

Heshou Zhang [1,2], Huirong Yan [1,2], Manuele Gangi [3,4], Francesco Leone [5], Andrew Taylor [1]
DESY, Uni Potsdam, OA di Catania, OA di Roma, Universit√° di Catania

We demonstrate the novel magnetic field tracer: ground state atomic alignment (GSA), and its observational application to detect 3D magnetic field. First proposed theoretically since Yan & Lazarian 2006, GSA has shown great potential in measuring sub-Gauss magnetic field in different environments with multiple waveband possibilities. Our recent work (Zhang, Gangi et al 2020) has identified the magnetic realignment of ground state lines under pumping environment, and hence rechieved the 3D sub-Gauss magnetic field on 89 Herculis (strength limit B<100mG). This observation has improved the accuracy by 2 orders of magnitude compared to the previous 10G upper limit set by non-detection of the Zeeman effect.