Contributed Talk - Splinter Historical

Friday, 25 September 2020, 15:50   (virtual room E)

How visible are celestial objects?

Victor Reijs
Independent citizen scientist

How visible are celestial objects? Author: Victor Reijs Affiliation: Independent citizen scientist The presentation will look at the predictability of naked eye observations of celestial objects. After some observational considerations, several empirical and model based criterions that determine the visibility of stars/planets will be discussed. After providing an overview of the sensitivity of the visibility on celestial, geographic, atmospheric and observer parameters, the pros and cons of some criterions will be discussed: empirical based criterions (such as: Schoch, Yallop, etc.) and models (such as: Schaefer, Inklaar and de Jonge). Furthermore the model of Schaefer is compared with similar models and with real observations (by Kolev, Ptolemy, Fotheringham and Reijs). Some concluding remarks will be provided at the end of the presentation. Relevant links are: http://www.archaeocosmology.org/eng/benchmarking.htm http://www.archaeocosmology.org/eng/Ptolemy-Phases.htm http://www.archaeocosmology.org/eng/sensitivityanalysishelicalevents.htm http://www.archaeocosmology.org/eng/VictorReijs-AHAN7024-Essay3000words-019.pdf