Contributed Talk - Splinter ISM

Thursday, 24 September 2020, 12:40   (virtual room F)

Insights from Synthetic Star forming regions: Testing measuring techniques of SF properties

Christine Koepferl
University of Applied Sciences

There exist a variety of great observations of star-forming regions at various wavelengths from the X-ray to radio waves. To the contrary there are many simulations of star-forming regions available with various time-steps, scales and feedback scenarios. There exist a large potential in these simulated and observational datasets if we can trust the compared properties. Unfortunately, techniques which infer fundamental star-formation properties such as the SFR, gas mass, dust properties, ... have rarely been tested sufficiently. In this talk I will present a creative application of how synthetic observations can be used to test, gauge and improve common observational techniques which measure fundamental properties of the star-formation process. By closing the loop from simulations to observations now these measurement techniques can be quantified. I will present the pipeline and highlight which techniques can be trusted or should be handled with caution.