Contributed Talk - Splinter ISM

Thursday, 24 September 2020, 17:06   (virtual room F)

Resolving the multiphase ISM in galaxy-scale simulations

Ulrich P. Steinwandel, Benjamin Moster, Thorsten Naab, Chia-Yu Hu and Stefanie Walch
USM, MPA, MPE, University of Cologne

Recent numerical simulations of galaxy formation and evolution have reached resolution levels at which it is possible to resolve the feedback of individual stars. We will present simulations of isolated dwarf galaxies, galaxy mergers and cosmological zoom-in simulations with resolved feedback and investigate the multiphase structure of the ISM, that shows a hot phase that is established via the feedback of supernovae (SNe). The simulations furthermore include photo-electric heating and photoionization as feedback processes from individual massive stars. The cold phase of the ISM in the simulations is established with a non-equilibrium cooling and chemistry model that tracks up to 12 individual chemical species by tracking the ionization states of hydrogen and helium and that accounts for the formation of CO. Furthermore, we include metal-line cooling from 12 different species. In the scope of our simulations we resolve the Sedov-Taylor phase of individual SN-remnants. Therefore, we can follow the build-up of the turbulent ISM by SN-feedback and investigate its effects on star formation and galactic outflow rates. As our simulations naturally resolve the hot and the cold phase of the ISM we can investigate launching processes for hot and cold outflows in a resolved fashion and determine the mass, momentum and energy fluxes that are transported towards the circum galactic medium (CGM) in large scale galactic outflows.