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A detailed study of the radio-FIR correlation in IC342

Mohammad Reza Nasirzadeh [1], FatemehTabatabaei, Volker Heesen, Rainer Beck, Dominik J. Bomans
[1] Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences - IPM

The tight and global correlation between the cm radio and infrared (IR) fluxes has been linked to star formation in galaxies. Resolved studies on sub-kpc scales however indicate that the correlation can also be as tight in non-actively star forming ISM due to a coupling between the gas and magnetic field. It has been also shown that the smallest scale the radio-IR correlation holds depends on the propagation length of cosmic ray electrons. As such, we would expect to see a change in the correlation in terms of both slope and its smallest scale with frequency taking into account that different frequencies trace different generation and ages of cosmic ray electrons. We investigate this in the nearby galaxy IC342 using the LOFAR LoTSS data as well as the higher frequency VLA and Effelsberg observations of the radio continuum emission along with the Herschel and Spitzer IR data. The proximity and face-on view of IC342 ideally help us to understand the interplay between the magnetized ISM and massive star formation in the ISM.