Contributed Talk - Splinter Computation

Friday, 25 September 2020, 17:18   (virtual room B)

TreeRay-RP: a novel method for radiation pressure from reprocessed radiation

Andre Klepitko^1, Stefanie Walch^1 and Seamus Clarke^1
1: Universität zu Köln

Radiation Pressure has been put forward as an important feedback mechanism, in particular in dense, high-mass star forming cores and in massive giant molecular clouds. However, its global impact is not yet fully understood. TreeRay-RP is a novel module to compute radiation pressure written for the AMR grid code FLASH. The general approach makes use of a tree based inverse ray tracing scheme. Since we assume that dust and gas are perfectly mixed, each cell in the computational domain is considered a source of radiation according to its thermal properties. Due to the particular formulation of the algorithm, the computational effort is nevertheless well manageable. TreeRay-RP symbiotes with a chemical network allowing to take into account cooling of gas through dust accurately. We will show TreeRay-RP simulations of a collapsing core forming massive stars as well as toy models to prove the correct behavior of the algorithm.