Contributed Talk - Splinter SMBHs

Wednesday, 23 September 2020, 15:25   (virtual room K)

Trinity: Statistical Dark Matter Halo--Galaxy--Supermassive Black Hole Connection

Haowen Zhang, Peter Behroozi
University of Arizona

We present Trinity, an empirical model that infers the statistical connection between dark matter halos, galaxies, and SMBH from z=0-10. Constrained by a comprehensive compilation of galaxy and AGN data, TRINITY predicts: (a) Typical host halo/galaxy masses for any SMBH population given their redshift, mass and/or Eddington ratio; (b) Average accretion and merger histories of SMBHs in different halos/galaxies (c) AGN duty cycles as a function of halo/galaxy mass and redshift. These predictions will give insights about the potential processes feeding gas to central SMBHs, as well as the feedback mechanisms coupling SMBHs to their host halos and galaxies. We will also use these predictions to prepare for future observations by, e.g., JWST, LSST, and LISA, etc.. In the future we will incorporate Trinity with the UniverseMachine to study environmental effects on the halo—galaxy—SMBH connection.