Contributed Talk - Splinter Historical

Friday, 25 September 2020, 17:15   (virtual room E)

Applied Historical Astronomy

Susanne M Hoffmann, Nikolaus Vogt
FSU Jena, U Valparaíso

Applied Historical Astronomy is a logical extension of Computational History of Astronomy. Computational History deals with the digitalisation of historical data and asks questions to this data that should help to clarify the historical facts. Applied (Computational) Historical Astronomy uses the databases containing historical data and asks questions that help develope our astrophysical knowledge. This contribution summarises first results of our newly developed method to deal with historical data. We present the method itself, i.e. the identification of positions in old and ancient frames of reference as well as the search for modern counterparts (remnants) of historical transients. Some recent highlights of our study are the suggestion of a supernova in the 7th century CE and a strong candidate for a recurrent nova of millennia timescale of its recurrence.