Contributed Talk - Splinter ISM

Thursday, 24 September 2020, 14:51   (virtual room F)

Analysis of nearby young stellar associations using Gaia DR2 for detecting past supernovae

Victoria Herpel, D. Breitschwerdt, J. Feige, M.M. Schulreich
TU Berlin, ZAA

Evidence has been found that the Scorpius–Centaurus association is the origin of many recent supernovae in the solar neighbourhood. Those are held responsible to have formed the Local Bubble during the past 10-15 Myr and might have contributed to rare 60Fe signatures that were measured in deep-sea deposits. For the purpose of finding other supernova sites, the 32 Orionis, Beta Pictoris, Carina, Columba, Octans and Tucana–Horologium associations were examined with Gaia DR2 astrometry. Revising the Scorpius–Centaurus with the new data, 12 supernova candidates were found whereas 3-4 other explosions might have originated from the Beta Pictoris, Columba and Tucana-Horologium associations.