Invited Talk - Splinter Careers

Wednesday, 23 September 2020, 09:59   (virtual room A)

Self-reflection as a career tool: Getting to know your values, strengths, and skills

Anne Schreiter
German Scholars Organization e.V.

For young researchers self-reflection is usually not on the top of their to-do-lists, as the next paper, the grant application, or family duties are time consuming and more urgent. However, getting to know your own values, priortizing them, and being able to name your strengths and what you really enjoy doing, are the basis of being in charge of your career and your life.It helps you to make decisions, to communicate what you want, and question circumstances that you consider immutable. After a brief overview, we will use exercises and examples to identify some of your values, skills, and strengths. We will also share ideas for exercises that you can finish with your peers or alone after.