Contributed Talk - Splinter SMBHs

Wednesday, 23 September 2020, 10:30   (virtual room K)

Impact of AGN feedback on galaxies and their multiphase ISM across cosmic time

Milena Valentini (1,2), K. Dolag (1), S. Borgani (3), G. Murante (3), et al.
1- USM/LMU 2- Excellence Cluster ORIGINS 3- INAF/OATs

AGN (Active Galactic Nucleus) activity is observed across cosmic time, and the role of AGN feedback is key in regulating the formation and evolution of galaxies. Observed multiphase outflows powered by AGN are a direct consequence of the fact that the energy generated by accreting supermassive black holes (SMBH) is coupled to the surrounding interstellar medium (ISM) in what is commonly referred to as AGN feedback. However, how SMBHs transfer feedback energy to the surrounding multiphase ISM is still far from being fully understood, and thus an accurate modelling in cosmological hydrodynamical simulations is still missing. I investigate the impact of AGN feedback on the formation and evolution of a late-type galaxy, by performing a suite of cosmological simulations. I will discuss results showing: (i) the impact of different models of gas accretion onto SMBHs (i.e. only cold gas, both cold and hot gas, with the additional possibility of limiting gas accretion from cold gas with high angular momentum); (ii) the effect of different ways of coupling AGN feedback energy to the multiphase ISM; (iii) how different models of gas accretion and coupling of AGN feedback energy affect the coevolution of SMBHs and their host galaxy. Also, I will show how the inclusion of AGN feedback impacts on the evolution of galaxies and on their properties, and I will discuss the key interplay between AGN and stellar feedback across cosmic time in cosmological simulations, with particular focus on galactic outflows.