Contributed Talk - Splinter Solar

Wednesday, 23 September 2020, 09:18   (virtual room L)

The magnetic nature of chromospheric vortices

Murabito(1),Shetye(2-3), Stangalini(4), Verwichte(2), Arber(2), Ermolli(1), Giorgi(1),Goeffrey(2)
(1)INAF-OAR, (2)University of Warwick,(3) Armagh Observatory and Planetarium,(4) ASI

Rotating structures have been observed on the Sun’s atmosphere for many years. They are believed to channel energy between different layers of the solar atmosphere. Observations and numerical simulations suggest that these structures are magnetic in nature, but direct observational evidence of the magnetic field of vortices in the upper layers of the solar atmosphere are still lacking. We present spectropolarimetric observations of two vortices acquired with the Interferometric BIdimensional Spectrometer (IBIS) at the Dunn Solar Telescope (DST) at the photospheric Fe I 617.3 nm line and chromospheric Ca II 854.2 nm line. The chromospheric observations reveal, for the first time, circular and linear polarization signals that allow us to determine the LOS and horizontal component of the magnetic field inside the two structures. The presence of a reverse S-shaped polarity inversion line where the magnetic field is predominantly horizontal suggests that the two structures are connected.