Contributed Talk - Splinter SMBHs

Wednesday, 23 September 2020, 11:55   (virtual room K)

Probing AGN Feedback on Nuclear, Galactic and Circumgalactic Scales

Rebecca L. Davies
Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics

Outflows are ubiquitous at the peak epoch of star formation (z~1-3), and are likely to play an important role in shaping the growth and evolution of galaxies. Near-IR integral field spectroscopy is a powerful tool to investigate the physical properties of galactic winds at this epoch because it enables us to kinematically disentangle them from gravitational motions, and to map the launch sites, extent, and geometry of outflows. In this talk I will summarize the results of our detailed SINFONI-AO case study of three AGN driven outflows, focusing on the variety of ways in which the outflows couple the AGN accretion energy to gas on nuclear, galactic and circumgalactic scales. I will discuss these results in the context of our large statistical study of outflow demographics and properties from the KMOS^3D survey.