Contributed Talk - Splinter SMBHs

Wednesday, 23 September 2020, 12:25   (virtual room K)

Systematic Periodicity Analysis of Mrk 501 and Mrk 421

R.Iotov, T.Bretz, D.Dorner, B.Schleicher, M.Kreter, A.Kostic, V.Marchenko, M.Tarnopolski, N.Żywucka
JMU Wuerzburg, Jagiellonian University, RWTH Aachen, NWU , Goddard Space Flight Cente

Blazars are a subclass of active galactic nuclei (AGN). Some of them have been suggested to display quasi periodic oscillations (QPO) in their light curves. A possible explanation is that a binary black hole is hosted at the AGN core. Recent publications have detected QPOs in several blazars. For a selected sample of claimed QPOs blazars, we test the possible QPO behaviour using a small set of methods (generalized Lomb-Scargle Periodogram, CARMA, Wavepal and A-T plane), studying in detail systematic effects. Furthermore, we explore the possibility to search for periodicities with the information field theory. Preliminary results from the different methods will be shown.